Meet Brand Representative Morgan Lutz!

We'd like to take a minute to introduce everyone to Morgan Lutz, one of our brand representatives that we've been working with for the last couple months!

Morgan’s passion is running. Her long term goal is to run a race in all 50 states and her short term goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. In addition to running, Morgan loves lifting and has competed in one NPC Bikini show. She incorporates strength training into her running schedule in order to gain muscle and prevent injuries.

Nutrition is also very important to Morgan. She’s a big believer in staying away from processed foods and eating primarily whole foods—fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and whole grains. Morgan finds it beneficial to use supplements before, during, and after her workouts in order to enhance recovery and improve performance. Her favorite supplements are pineapple GlycoForce for during long runs, chocolate WheyForce to use after a workout or run, and watermelon AminoForce to drink whenever! Follow her Instagram @irunwithfaith13.1 to stay up to date on her fitness journey and for delicious recipes using products from NeoForce Performance!

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